The Green Relief Mission:

O.C. Green Relief is a medical marijuana delivery company that has been providing compassionate and timely service to California Proposition 215 medical marijuana patients since 2008. Our primary focus is Autism, Cancer and Pain management help. Our delivery service is considered one of the most unique alternative health resources that patients have available. Please note that each and every patient assisted through the O.C. Green Relief delivery service must be able to present a valid California-issued identification and a pre-verified, doctor-written medical marijuana recommendation.

 Unlike many other medical marijuana delivery services, O.C. Green Relief is operated by some of the industry’s most experienced, compassionate, and understanding individuals. Our service is not just about being able to provide quality medication to patients in need — it is about being properly educated regarding this medication that has provided people everywhere with relief and healing. We want to also spread knowledge regarding our industry as a whole, not just our product, and to improve and legitimize it for the better. For inquiring patients looking to utilize this service, please note that O.C. Green Relief is and always remains within complete compliance of all California medical marijuana regulatory bylaws.

 O.C. Green Relief features various types of medical grade organic marijuana, ranging from an Indica, Hybrid or Sativa variety, always of the utmost quality. All medications are grown in organic soil with organic nutrients. Featured strains through this delivery service include: Cotton Candy, Holy Grail, SkyWalker OG, Pre 91 Chem Dog, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Green Crack, Master Kush, White Widow, MasterEd, Watermelon, San Francisco Train Wreck, L.A. Confidential, and DJ Flo Smooth. These medications are known to help alleviate symptoms in patients who suffer from deep muscle and joint pains, glaucoma, nausea and various other debilitating conditions. O.C. Green Relief also provides extra strength edibles that have been a “patient favorite” for those who suffer from a multitude of illnesses.

Our delivery service features Full Extracted Cannabis Oil aka Rick Simpson oil, as well.  This oil has been especially helpful to many autistic families, patients with cancer, and those who require pain management. We carry up to three types of FECO oil: Indica, Sativa, Hybird, as well as CBD (Cannabidiol). Many of our collective members and patients have significantly improved their condition using these oils. This is just one area where the innovative and compassionate care of our service shines.  We are knowledgeable, experienced and WE CARE.

O.C. Green Relief proudly serves both South and North Orange County. Patients and medical care are our focus and we offer no “under-the-table” types of services. We pride ourselves on being not only an advocate for our product, but also educators regarding it value and use.

Our staff welcomes patients to O.C. Green Relief, Orange County’s premier medical cannabis and medical marijuana delivery service. We vow to remain an authorized, compassionate, patient-focused company that delivers exceptional, quality medical cannabis right to your door.