Look it is not only local

by Janet Innes-Kirkwood (not verified), May 31, 2014, 01:30am
Look it is not only local police and the DEA but also the ATF that is abusing the system and helping make America the most incarcerated people on the planet. Worse than the Russians and Chinese. We set up our poor mostly minority citizens in order for public servants to profit off their backs and deny them their freedom. Why not sting the judges and guys in these agencies. Now we know of the global haystacks send some other public servants to mine them as they do the poor kids. Many people would like that I am sure- go after the rich peoples’ families and see if you can get them in trouble and throw them in jail and seize their property and ruin them in the press. Go after the politicians and their kids. Smear them with their ability to be corrupted. 2These public servants and judges are worse than the Stasi and they lecture Putin and China. Look at this nation disgrace….. The land of the free sets up its poor citizens. Does not educate or house or provide jobs but does have private prisons and prison labor. Welcome to America.


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