CBD tinctures


CBD Tinchure

Whole Plant Extracts. Tested.

Each bottle of tincture is measured to the ml. That means depending on the ratio of oils mixed each drop is one, two, four milligrams of CBD. Measuring by the milligram is the way to slowly build up tolerance, with  zero psycho-activity and repeat the same dosage each time.

Each bottle is tested by SC Labs and can be dosed to the milligram. We have found that by dosing by the milligram and working closely with the recommending doctors that we are able to chart the progress of each patient.

Specific dosages for patients from their tending doctors to help them with the symptoms that each patient is specifically suffering with. For example insomnia would be a different blend of cannabis oil tinctures formula than epilepsy, and so on. Please call (949) 429-9652 for specific details.

All tinctures are used with tested safe cannabis oils and are infused with liquid organic olive and coconut oil.

For example this pictured tincture of CBD is extracted from the female cannabis strain AC/DC and each dropper is 1 ml. and is roughly 20 mg per dropper full. Each dropper holds approximately 20 drops. So each drop is 1 mg of CBD and is easily chartable for patients and their tending doctors.

We have charted that results from “micro dosing” is often times more effective than large milligram doses of the cannabinoids.

Each body’s tolerance of cannabinoids are different and we closely help each person find their baseline of what is best for them.

For insomnia the pure indicia works best.

Please call us to discuss what your specific needs may be so that we may best consult you with what we believe what might help with those symptoms.


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