Green Relief Edibls
Cannabis infused edibls
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 on 3/15/2014


These deliciousedibls tase too good to be true. Very theraputic!!! All made by hand from scratch by our pastry chef. Only a small dosage is necessary to California residents only at this time. Maybe in the future in your state too.

We make Oatmeal raisins, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle,  Heathbar Shortbread Cookies, Flourless Glutin Free Brownies, Cannabis infused Chocolate Pecan Carmel Turtles, Zuchinni Bread. We can also make up special orders upon request. All are made by our own pastry chef… Yummy!

flourless brownie

Minimum Donation

  • 1: $15
  • 2: $30
  • 3: $45
  • 4: $60

Medicinal Effect:

Edible medicine for patients who cannot or don’t want to smoke.

Most people have had some sort of an experience with edibles, ranging from magical to memorably scary.  For the beginner, eating your medicine instead of smoking can be a welcome change for your lungs, but it can also produce a wider range of effects you may not be expecting or prepared to handle.  When marijuana is inhaled, the active components are absorbed directly into the bloodstream in the lungs and the effect is almost instant.  You “feel it” right away, with the intensity depending on the quality of the medicine.  This is not the case when marijuana is digested.  It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour for the full effects to be felt, and the final result is often stronger and lasts longer.  As scientific research goes further into the benefits of medicinal cannabis, many patients are discovering that eating cannabis provides a more gradual psychoactive  effect and a more powerful body feel, which treats their medical condition better than inhaling smoke or vapor.  Edibles are also a more discreet way of medicating and can be enjoyed where smoking is not possible.

Depending on the dosage of the edible, and the edible tolerance and metabolism of the patient, the range of medicinal effects can be all over the spectrum.  The majority of edibles deliver a delayed, physically sedative feeling noticeably stronger than from smoking.  Unlike smoking, the intensity of any particular edible is more likely based on the amount of cannabis used rather than what type of cannabis was used in production.

The best way to find your favorite edible is with some experimentation and recommendations from your dispensary consultant/staff.  The best edible is always the one that simultaneously provides the most medicinal relief and would be enjoyable even if not medicated.

Dosage: With any cannabis medicine you are not familiar with, it is necessary to start slow – especially with edibles. How a particular product will affect you cannot be guaranteed by labeling or recommendation.  To confuse things further, many patients who report a high tolerance to smoking cannabis find they have a strange lack of tolerance to edibles.  Regardless of the suggested dosage of the edible, expect a measurable amount of time between eating your goodie and feeling any medicinal effects.  The biggest temptation is to eat more because “it’s been 15 minutes and I don’t feel anything yet”, which is a classic example of famous last words. You can always eat more, but once you have eaten too much there is not a whole lot of remedy except to drink plenty of water, eat something starchy like bread or mashed potato, and ride the temporary discomfort out in a cool dark place.  Over-medication on edibles is something best never experienced but if it does happen; remember, you are going to be fine, cannabis is one of the safest and least toxic medicines available.

Switching to Edibles: Edibles are not just for those who cannot smoke or need to cut back smoking, as they can greatly enhance any patient’s routine.  Ingesting cannabis before bed allows slowly released, all night relief from pain and insomnia, for example – where the effects of smoking might ware off too soon.  For travel, many patients feel safer from law enforcement carrying non-smokable, smell free medicine – especially through airports, certain states or internationally. For patients for whom traveling without medicine is unacceptable, having edibles available can be a life-saver.

Effect Length: Depending on dosage the effect can last up to 8hrs.