Master Kush
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 on 5/14/2014


OG Master. Master Kush, OG, Master. Indica dominent, purple hues, delicious, helps you sleep without pain. Taste and smells fantastic. Fairly large shaped buds for a indica. A real favorite for many patients.

This Strain Won The Cannabis Cup in 2005 & 2006

Source: Organically grown in soil, and meticulously tended to by seasoned gardeners.

Type: Indica

Minimum Donation

  • 1g:  $30
  • 1/8: $50
  • 1/4: $100
  • 1/2: $190
  • 1oz: $380

Fragrance: Its covered with crystals that glisten in the light like tiny specs of glitter. The smell is a clean and refreshing mix of the earthiness of pine tree clippings with the sweetness of major league chew bubble gum. The buds are bright green with tiny hints of purple, and are very dense. All the buds are good sized

Taste:  Easy on lungs and palate, Master Kushis non-expansive and smooth to smoke, giving an all-over body buzz that is relaxing but awake. The high can also create optically pleasing effects.

Medicinal Effect: The high rolls up on you like a helicopter passing you by. Slow and faint right at first, but increasing in its intensity until you’re totally consumed with it. I smoked one little bowl and I’m totally rocked. The high is all over the place from the back of my eye balls to the backs of my ears. The Master Kush is truly a weed for serious smokers only, and only if those serious smokers don’t have any plans for the evening.

Effect Length: 2 to 3+ hours