LA Confidential
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 on 3/27/2014


LA Confidential

It tastes how a fresh pine tree forest smell’s after it rains. There are hints of skunk on exhalation. The thick vapor is not harsh.

Minimum Donation LA Confidential

1g:  $30
1/8: $50
1/4: $100
1/2: $200
1oz: $380
LA Confidential
THC  17.72%
CBD  0.48%
CBN  0.06

Strain Name: LA Confidential

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid, Indica-dominant

Looks: Dark green dense buds with very dark red hairs. Small leaves wrapped around the buds are crystalline. LAC doesn’t look very appealing to the eye.

Smell: Mild smell in the jar, but when it’s broken up it smells very strong with hints of diesel fuel exhaust.

Effects: For night time use. The Indica genetics are felt immediately. Provides instant soothing relaxation and strong anti-anxiety relief. Provides great concentration for the first hour, fading after that. LAC is a good strain for insomnia and anxiety.

Potency: Strong

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