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Kali Mist

True Sativa. Kali Mist’s effects are beneficial for medical users with MS, Fatigue, and Chronic Pain. The effects from this medicine  is great floating cerebral high that doesn’t bog your mind and let’s you focus. Mist has been well known for its very beneficial medical effects and is a great marijuana strain that you can smoke all day without a burnt out feeling.

This strain has been reported to us to curb appetites all the while stimulating creativity. Makes you want to move forward with your day.

Most of the buds are large to medium in size. The fragrance is very fruity.

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Kali Mist

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  • 1g:  $30
  • 1/8: $50
  • 1/4: $100
  • 1/2: $200
  • 1oz: $380