Green Relief Salve

This salve works well we have been told for minor aches and pains. For instance if you slept wrong and have a knott in your neck by rubbing it on it seems to relieve the knott and associated pain.

People with neuropathy, have told us that it seems to wipe away the pain associated with the numbness.

It appears to help heal small cuts, burns and scrapes and bruises. It is also safe to use as a lubercant we have been told.

Also this Salve smeels not at all like canna butter, but good like lavendar.

It has all oraganic ingredients. We use coconut oil, Vitiman E, Cannabil Oil Extracts, and essential Oils.

Most everyone who tries this product likes it.

Minimum donation is;

The 1.5 oz jars are $40.00

The 2 oz jars are $50.oo

Green Relief Salve

Green Relief Salve