The whole problem the Pharmaceutical Industry……

The whole problem the Pharmaceutical Industry and their lobbying of congress.. MMJ is their biggest curse right now. As of January, the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states will allow people, who are willing to do their own research, to find a strain that will help them medically without the side effects of pharma. This is worrying the hell of the pharmaceutical industry. No more gouging the heck out of uninsured, or even the insured. No more prescriptions of this to counteract that. Now more than ever, users of marijuana , whether for medical or recreational, need to realize that it is their behavior and keeping it away from minors and keeping the street sales out of the industry.
People are looking for any excuse to take this away from us. Don’t give that excuse to them. marijuana users need to police themselves, stay within the boundaries, but at the same time start leaning on alcohol and pharmaceutical abuse, which cause deaths of the users and innocent victims. Right now, with prescription drug abuse at an all time high, it is beneficial for the proponents of legalized marijuana to point out that, the danger is not with this industry by with unscrupulous pill pushing doctors and purveyors of those potent meds, and even those patients who are sharing and or selling their meds, charging them to insurance companies or Medicaid.
The industry needs more of the research to get into MD’s hands, also. So much of MMJ research id not geared to the RA specialists as well as others docs that are looking for backing to send their patients to MMJ instead of other toxic meds.

This article was written by Irmgard Alderman

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