The unfairness of the medical marijuana Ban

The unfairness of the medical marijuana Ban

These days even some of the doctors are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. The medical uses of cannabis for treating diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis are becoming widely accepted. Many such patients either take the legal route – by getting the prescription of a doctor- or are getting the drug from the underground illegal marijuana markets. They realize that it is illegal and if caught they might be facing a possible jail time and a huge fine. Nevertheless, they have tried many other drugs and take medical marijuana as their last resort.

Should the patients be denied treatment because of marijuana use?

Norman B. Smith was a cancer patient. His liver cancer was so life threatening that he had to apply for a liver transplant and had to wait for a long period of time. Meanwhile, Smith continued with his chemotherapy to make sure that the cancer does not spread any further into other organs in his body and if possibly cure it. The chemotherapy was a harrowing experience with pain, vomiting, nausea etc as the side effects. He approached a doctor who was wise enough to understand the medical uses of cannabis and kind enough to prescribe the medical marijuana for him.

Smith continued to use medical marijuana so that he could continue the chemotherapy to keep the cancer controlled until he was elected for a liver transplant. That happened in 2010 and he was called in to the Cedar-Sinai Hospital for a complete medical check-up before they moved on to the transplant. Smith was tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive component present in marijuana. Ignoring the fact that Smith was using the drug for treatment, the hospital authorities disqualified him for the transplant.

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Soon after this, Norman Smith succumbed to the liver cancer. He leaves behind these questions, which the federal government, the state government and the hospital authorities should answer. Was it fair denying life-saving treatment to a cancer patient, who had to use medical marijuana to get through the chemotherapy?  Is not the use of medical marijuana legal in California? If it is, should not the patients suffering from life-threatening conditions benefit from it?

The ambiguous state medical marijuana laws, the federal anti-marijuana laws and the flawed hospital policies have made it impossible for the patients to use medical marijuana – which by the way is legal in California – to treat their condition, lest they get disqualified from life-saving treatments.

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