Testimonial from Alessandro G. Assanti, Esq.

Testimonial from patient Alessandro G. Assanti


I want to thank you for your dedication to providing your clients medicinal options and access to quality products and great advice.  Since November 2010 I have endured 29 surgeries, loss of one organ, with another failing and zero options left with conventional medicine.  A wonderful doctor and his staff introduced me to you and the resulting two years has been miraculous.

On November 19, 2010 I suffered a horrible motorcycle accident and severely broke my lower leg and ankle.  After a lengthy hospital stay and multiple surgeries, I was discharged with a left lower leg that was in horrible condition.  Skin grafts, multiple plates, rods, pins and screws holding it together.  I broke my hand and later had surgery to install a plate on that too, but this was hardly our concern.

After more surgeries, and complications with a rod in my tibia that was too long, the doctor decided that the rod and the plates were going to have to come out.  When this occurred, there was no healing in my tibia plateau, which is the bone below the knee.  The orthopedic surgeon was forced to use part of my fibula to graft it to the non union in the tibial plateau.  IN the process because of the skin graft, the surgeon was forced to make an incision on the side of the graft and as a result, my perineal nerve was severed.

With the severe pain that ensued, I was on heavy narcotics for another 5 months, not including the year that I had been using Percocet to manage my pain, I began to develop severe stomach problems and eventually had to have my gall bladder removed.  When this occurred, and as a result of the surgery, my bile duct was damaged and was damaging my pancreas.  I went into liver shock twice with multiple problems before I had to travel to eastern europe to fix the problem.

The most profound part of my medical treatment since this time was my introduction of Medical Marijuana as a replacement of my narcotic regimen.

Many doctors told me that I would die if I did not get off the narcotics, as they almost killed me on two occasions.  Since then, and with constant monitoring of my situation, the meds have been able to manage my pain, and resulting depression.  I am doing very well and am back to physical exercise and a normal life.  I appreciate your advice and medicine along the way.  If I had not met you, I hate to think where I would have ended up.

Thank you so much for your advice and friendship.



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