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Dear Green Relief,


In 2004 I had skin cancer surgery to remove a basil cell next to my left eye.  I had been battling skin cancer for some 25-30 years.  The surgery was to last less than an hour ended up being Four hours with nine months sections taken and examined.  I spent the night in the hospital waking up to a reality not so pretty.  There was a giant hole next to my left eye (the size of your palm), my hair line was dramatically cut into and there was a skin graft on my thigh used to cover my gaping hole.  Also, they did not get it all and the doctor said I nearly lost my eye!!!  So what to do to fix it, the “good ” surgeon said nothing!!!, pulling out a book Fromm the fifties telling me they could slice some “meat” from under my wrist and put it in the hole on my head -like a hamburger patty!  I was mad and heart broken.  The surgeon said that because they did not get it all that I needed radiation!  So I got 30 days o f radiation.  So sad to see the same people every day getting radiated and seeing their families with them crying and trying to hold out for hope.  
30 days later after half of my left eye brow fell out (permanently) I was sent back to the surgeon and he basically said he could do no more.  In shock and l looking like I had been hit by a baseball at 110 miles an hour – I drove home and cried.  Fast forward to a year or so later.  I found a wonderful dermatologist in San Diego County that worked on my wound for over a nine month period repairing the wound and making it some what tolerable to me and the public.  As time passed I had more skin cancer and some recurring on that same wound and some near the wound.  I went to several different doctors and they all said the cancer needs to be removed but no one could tell me how they would heal it.  I found through my research (mostly by going on many different doctor appointments) that because I had radiation that the skin would most likely not take to another graft and healing could be a problem.  
A colleague at work asked me if I had heard of “Simpson oil”, I had not so I began my research on Cannabis oil.  5774723It looked like a possible way to get rid of the cancer without being subjected to more cruel outcomes, even if we’ll intended.  So I did it the legal way I saw a doctor who was able to issue licenses for medical use only of cannabis.  I then obtained the oil from ocgreenrelief.org and began using it on my wound and cancer spots.  One year later the cancer is gone on the wound and around the wound and the wound is not as deep as it originally was as one of the things cannabis oil does is promote the growth of collagen.  So I remain healthy to this day and use both traditional and non traditional methods to keep my body well.

ocgreenrelief.org helped counsel us on dosage and making sure we had the proper oil to do the job. I am so grateful for their knowledge and support.


Kent Faulkner

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