Stop California’s Unscientific and Unnecessary Drugged Driving Law

Democrat Assemblywoman Norma Torres is sponsoring legislation, AB 2552, that seeks to criminalize anyone who operates a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of marijuana or its metabolites in their system, regardless of whether their psychomotor performance is demonstrably impaired.Assembly Bill 2552 amends state law to redefine driving ‘under the influence.’ It states, “It is unlawful for any person who has any level of cannabinoids or synthetic cannabinoid compound in his or her blood or urine to drive a vehicle.” Under this measure, the law would presume to be ‘impaired’ any person who operates a motor vehicle with trace levels of marijuana or even inactive marijuana metabolites (waste products) present in their blood or urine.This legislation represents an all out assault on marijuana consumers. Because marijuana’s main metabolite, THC-COOH, remains detectable in certain bodily fluids, particularly urine, for weeks and sometimes even months after past use, this legislation seeks to improperly define sober drivers as if they were intoxicated.

Assembly Bill 2552 is neither a safe nor sensible way to identify impaired drivers; they are an attempt to misuse the traffic safety laws in order to identify and prosecute marijuana smokers per se. Please contact your member of the State Assembly and urge him or her to reject AB 2552.

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