Santa Ana California Cops Eat Pot Marijuana Edibles during drug Bust | Police eat marijuana edibles

Journalists have asked what’s different about this bust? The answer I have heard from the local OCNORML group is “nothing” The cops didn’t know about the hidden camera and the cloud storage. They sure have disdain for cannabis patients to say things like I almost kicked her in her F-ing nub. Which was said about the manager Marla who was in a wheel chair and had only one leg.

If you think this is a sham you ought to look into how messed up the lottery system for granting collectives in Santa Ana was. I listened to one of the recipients of that so-called lottery system and he was way not to happy. First he stated that the people who won first grants were the ones who’s lawyers seemed to be all chummy with the judges. This lottery winner has been paying $7,000.00 a month on a 5 year lease on a building that the city will not allow that lottery “winner” to open. So as far as I can gather all of the collectives that are open in Santa San and not approved by the city.

I’m hoping that those who question the validity of medical marijuana would just take a moment to review the US Patent that we have blogged before After reviewing that the US government holds a patent for medical cannabis for medical benefit. Are the same people who say it has no medical benefit. Once that very basic foundation is understood, then most critical thinking adults would question who says it has no medical value and then begin to be “OPEN” to the science of medical cannabis.

I invite all of  your questions…

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