Positive impact of Marijuana on various diseases

Positive impact of Marijuana on various diseases

April 17, 2015 by Elizabeth Jackson 

Dr. Sue Sisley is a psychiatrist who works with those people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder which is also referred to as PTSD.The medications in the market are either inadequate or are few in number.

The patients tend to be like zombies since they end up taking close to 12 different medications. However, an alternative to all those medicines has been found by some patients. They are self-medicating themselves using marijuana are starting to feel better with much more presence.

“Marijuana is one of the most-controlled substances under federal law but more patients have since disclosed useful experiences with the marijuana plant,” stated Sisley. Hence, this is the time for medical revolution using marijuana.

Below are some common ailments that have been treated using medical marijuana: –

  • Cancer

The extract from Marijuana kills certain cancer cells. It could also halt cancer growth while the THCpsychoactive ingredient in Marijuana improves the influence of radiation on cancer cells. Nausea that more often accompanies chemotherapy treatment can be prevented using Marijuana.

  • Epilepsy

Early trials in the use of Medical marijuana extract to treat epilepsy presented a reduced rate of seizures in children and adults to 50%.

  • Arthritis

Marijuana may help fight pain-causing inflammation that is commonly experienced by patients with arthritis

  • Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’spatients have gained weight as a result of using Medical marijuana and other chemicals found in the plant. It also slowed the process of depositing proteins in the brain which has been thought to be a cause of Alzheimer’s.

  • Glaucoma

This causes blindness. Eye pressure could be lowered by the THC impact on this disease on the optic nerve. This could go hand in hand into lowering the blood pressure that is likely to harm the optic nerve.

  • Multiple sclerosis

Chemicals in this plant may help in reducing or preventing muscle spasmstremors and stiffness.

That said, Mainstream physicians are still not up to task of using Marijuana until it is approved and legitimate guidelines of use provided.

source credit; http://www.mmjobserver.com/positive-impact-of-marijuana-on-various-diseases/5336/



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