Pharmacy Group Announces Formation Of Medical Marijuana Task Force

It looks like a nightmare for many medical marijuana advocates is coming true. A pharmacy group apparently wants to explore the pharmaceutical management of medical marijuana. According to theNational Association of Specialty Pharmacy:

NASP’s Professional Practice Committee will oversee a gro

pharmacy group task force medical marijuanaup of volunteers, representing all major stakeholder areas, to discuss the issue and provide a framework for future educational content, practice parameters or other standards of care, that serve the goal of improving patient care and equipping specialty pharmacists with the knowledge needed.

Once formed, the taskforce will develop a project framework and determine key areas of integration with current specialty prescription therapy for patients with chronic diseases.

“Essentially patients receive treatment from dispensaries, outside of their pharmaceutical regiment management, and we believe that a drug with such a broad scope should be managed effectively through the Specialty Pharmacist to ensure patient education and proper dispensing,” Cohen said.

I think all of us knew this day would come. I personally don’t want to see the pharmaceutical industry have anything to do with medical marijuana. Most people use medical marijuana to replace pharmaceutical drugs, and there’s a good reason for that. Chemists and profiteers don’t care about side effects and other negative things that go along with their pharmaceutical drugs. I’m also not a fan of corporate America, and big pharma will no doubt try to monopolize the medical marijuana industry, which isn’t good for anyone. How do you feel about this? I look forward to reading your comments.

Pharmacy Group Announces Formation Of Medical Marijuana Task Force

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