Pancreatic Cancer Testimonial

Hi Ron it’s Maria you’ve been helping me with my moms pancreatic cancer. I wanted to give you an update on her lab’s that we just had done yesterday. It’s shocking, her tumor marker went from a 78 to a 38 in 2 months since we started the program unbelievable!! normal number would be 35 we are almost there… All we need now is a CT scan to reconfirm the results which we hope to have in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to give you an update thanks for all your help:-)!!!

Also before she was using your oils she was in pain. Since she started using Green Relief’s Fully Extracted Cannibus oils she has had no pain! Also she has gained five pounds in the first five weeks…. We could not be more happy. Mom is 80 years old and doing better then expected. She is sleeping quite a bit as the indica oil makes her sleepy. Also we are following your diet restrictions to clense her system in this process.



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