Pain is a Pain….Not so Much Now!

My name is Ms. G, I am Mrs. M’s caregiver. My client is in her 90’s and suffered from severe chronic back pain until we tried the medicine CBD oil and Indica oil. She was on the strongest pain pills and since trying these products has not used any pills since. Ms. M also has dementia and when using the CBD oil she is much more alert and engaging in conversation with others, which is great to see. At night she uses the Indica oil and sleeps through the night like a baby and never wakes up groggy.OGCR_IndOil
Thanks to Ron our vendor he helped so much in guiding me as to the right amount to give my client to attain maximum comfort for her.
I am very pleased with the green relief products and so grateful she is receiving so much comfort without all the previous pain meds and all their side effects.

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I received this wonderful letter that I wanted to share with you all.

We here at Green Relief  listen and and respond to peoples concerns. I ask what their doctor recommended for their suggested treatments. I ask what are their symptoms of discomfort are. Then I pair them with what I think will work. In this instance it did, and  I”m very happy. The nice thing about medical cannabis is it won’t hurt you even if you take the wrong strain or oil or edible. Cannabis can, and often will not only help ease your symptoms, in many situations it leads your body to a strong defense through the healing process.

Viva Cannabis!

Our website provides our patients with information on our various strains and educates each individual with current medical marijuana facts and laws.

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