MMJ collectives brought it upon themselves….

Just a thought.

Remember when Jackie Robinson what the first black player in baseball? Well if you don’t you should know that everybody’s eyes were on him. Other teams were abusive, so were so called fan’s at games. It was tough to say the least. If Jackie’s stats had not been exemplary it would have been harder for him and other’s like him down the road. All the nay sayers would have been on him, well like white on rice.

My point is when these new compassionate care collectives first came out they were more about caring for people that other drugs did not work as well as MMJ. They followed all of the state’s rules and played it low key. Things were ok then. Not any problems. Then somehow it got to be like a pot shop on every corner. Each one trying to bid out the other with larg ads in the paper and in their windows. Hell I saw 8′ X 8′ foor marijuana leaves in neon at night, off the freway and barkers like from a carnival trying to get new patients in to their establishment to sell them so called med’s. That always seemed odd to say the least to me. And I guess to the communities that surrounded these places. There was a place in Lake Forest that in one small building there were 8 – 10 shops all selling med’s. Ecah one with signs outside and in their windows advertising low cost med’s. It looked like a capitalist dream come true. Not the compassionate care that it was intended to be.

So as a result the cities tried to put them on notice, but the collectives well paid lawyers fought the city every step of the way. So much so that the cities lost most of their battles trying to close some shops or even ban them from their cities. But lo and behold the collectives weren’t really breaking any state laws, well many of them. Yes many of them sprang up so fast and they were not following the regulations and it was getting out of hand. Then some time passed and the cities became smarter and realized that they could call their friends at the DOJ. They were more than happy to raid these shops. Cause none of them had permission on a Federal level. So it was easy to steal property, money and what ever else they wanted. Besides who would shed a tear for the pot collectives?

So my point is if ever the California collectives are to come back to help serve patients who really do get relief from Green Relief MMJ they had better keep it low key and strictly follow all laws and pay all taxes. Really get the word out there that they want to help people with particular illiness like pain management, parkinsons, nasuea and more…. And hope the Federal government reschedule this drug to a schedule 2 or 3 drug. Patients with proper documentation for serious illness, with suggestions from their doctor were able to get off of many prescription drugs, and have replaced it with the proper strain of MMJ. Of which they are getting by better and are having no side effects, unlike the 5 or so prescriptions they were taking before to do the same things. I wish the administration would have the balls to be straight with us, the people on this. So many people have been sent to prison for medicating that it makes me think, why is it so?

Stay well.

Just saying.

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