Medical Marijuana Reduces Pain and Need for Opioids Study Says

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A recent study conducted by Dr. Abrams, the head of Hematology and Oncology at UC San Francisco, showed that patients who took vaporized medical marijuana in addition to opioids had a 33% greater reduction in pain that patients who only took opioids.   This is a groundbreaking study in the United States which showed that chronic pain patients get a definite benefit from using medical marijuana.

The study looked at 21 patients who took either long acting Morphine or pong acting oxycodone for chronic pain.   They then had them inhale medical marijuana using a volcano vaporizer for 4 consecutive days.    By the 5th day patients who used medical marijuana had a 33% reduction in their pain versus patients who used morphine or oxycontin alone.    In the pain management world that is a tremendous benefit.  What that means they concluded is that patients can most likely get away with taking less opioids and supplement with marijuana.    When you take into consideration how addictive opioids are and how many unwanted side effects come with their use, the potential savings to the medical community is huge.

As more and more studies like these continue to demonstrate the medical benefits of using medical marijuana are published it will be harder and harder for the federal government to keep it as a schedule 1 drug.     Medical marijuana will be in 50 states at some point in the very near future.  Once a large enough volume of patients start seeing the benefit of using it to treat pain it will be hard for politicians to ignore their voices and votes.

Although the tobacco and alcohol lobbyists are extremely powerful and influential, there will come a time when the voice of American people trumps their dollar bills.    I am not confident that it will happen in the next 10 years but by the time I die (hopefully not for another 50 years!) I think it will happen.


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