Medical Marijuana Patients Are Relocating To Friendlier States

By Lindsey Rinehart

Over 150 years ago, it became necessary for American citizens to take matters into their own hands. Via a network of like-minded individuals who agreed that freedom is for everyone in this country, some 100,000 slaves, former slaves, and potential slaves were smuggled to areas of the United States in which slavery had been abolished, and to Canada, which abolished slavery earlier than did the US. Wildly unpopular with the remaining slave states and their legislators, this network was the Underground Railroad, an organization that today, in more enlightened times, is hailed as a network of freedom fighters, of compassionate individuals that united in order to bring slaves to freedom.

It is in this spirit of freedom and the belief that every US citizen has the right to move to a safe haven that we are delighted to announce the inauguration of The Undergreen Railroad! With nearly half of the United States and the District of Columbia having legalized cannabis for medical use, and two states having legalized cannabis use in any capacity, we recognize that Americans now have the choice to avoid persecution in states that ignore the ever-increasing majority of citizens in support of some form of legalization.

These states choose to continue to harass and incarcerate cannabis users because of archaic and oppressive laws based on archaic and inaccurate information. However, the citizens of those states can now choose to become citizens of a state that respects the individual’s inherent right to choose a natural and effective alternative to chemical medication and alcoholic intoxication. Unfortunately, for some people it’s not as simple as picking up and moving. There are costs involved, and uncertainties, and for some, a total lack of support from their city, state, friends, or family. That’s where we at The Undergreen Railroad come in!From our website,, a prospective escapee can peruse the states’ various laws concerning cannabis use, get connected with home rental/purchase company websites, and search for employment agencies local to the city and state of choice.

There are links to help patients connect with doctors, caregivers, and dispensaries, and links to information about Health & Welfare Departments and assistance programs, including Social Security Administration and food banks. Anyone can use the educational links provided to learn about cannabis, the impact of cannabis prohibition, and the potential impact of cannabis legalization or decriminalization. There are direct links to email any of us individually, and a link to our BlogSpot, where the public can post, comment, and interact with one another as well as Undergreen Railroad Conductors and Staff! For those new to cannabis as an ingredient, there are even links to recipes.

As with any endeavour, we will roll to a slow start, learning with the people we help. We are working to establish sponsors who will assist with financial costs of moving for qualified applicants. Our ultimate goal is to help raise funds for the move, and provide support from the initial decision to consider relocating. We want to continue to help during the move, and to be there for you as people arrive in their chosen free state and settle in. We’re working hard to raise funds and obtain non-profit status, so that we can be here to help you transition in a safe and legal manner, so as not to make criminals of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Prospective applicants and those wishing to help can find information and applications at We can also be found on Facebook at

Our website provides our patients with information on our various strains and educates each individual with current medical marijuana facts and laws.

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