Medical Marijuana has many Medical and Medicinal uses

Medical Marijuana has many Medical and Medicinal uses

Marijuana, also called weed or grass, is actually a substance that is formally called cannabis. It comes from a plant called Cannabis sativa and is primarily an illegal substance in the United States of America. The reason it is illegal is because the FDA actually classifies it as a Schedule 1 substance. These substances are considered to gateway drugs and have the potential for abuse. More specifically, they are said to have no medicinal or medical use of all. The debate that rages with medical marijuana is that it does have medical purposes. It has been used by thousands of people to help them relieve pain, especially those that are going through radiation treatment or chemotherapy for cancer. In this article, we will present several different reasons why medical marijuana should be legalized.

First of all, marijuana has therapeutic potential that is not often mentioned by those that want it to remain illegal. There are many studies including the IOM report which have shown marijuana to be an analgesic. This means that it has the ability to treat pain that people are chronically feeling. The THC, the active ingredient within marijuana, is very useful when cancer patients are going through chemotherapy. Although the reports on acute pain suffered by some individuals after a major trauma or surgery are not conclusive, it has still shown some positive effects with these individuals.

Second, marijuana is not a chemically created concoction made by pharmaceutical companies that spend billions of dollars on research and advertising. It is actually a naturally grown herb that has been used for thousands of years. Since it is natural, it is much more appealing than the synthetic drugs that are pushed on people by doctors and the medical industry today. There is an argument that the pharmaceutical companies are actually in league with physicians, using them to sell the drugs that they have made and spent so much money on. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is a very profitable industry, and they may see marijuana, this naturally grown herb, to be a threat to their business and profits because people can grow it for free.

Finally, in 2008, the American College of Physicians actually recommended a reevaluation of marijuana, specifically in regard to its classification as a schedule 1 substance. The fact that physicians are actually considering marijuana as more than a recreational drug that is used illegally by people simply trying to have a good time, it is clear they are recognizing the therapeutic and pain relieving values associated with this natural plant. This is a good sign, especially if the movement allows it to be removed as a schedule 1 substance, allowing the civil and criminal penalties to be removed once and for all.

In conclusion, medical marijuana has many medical and medicinal uses that have helped thousands of people. Those that are going through cancer treatments, or suffering from acute pain, have found relief with this naturally growing herb. Hopefully, the medical industry, and the government, will come to realize that marijuana is much more useful as a legal substance than one that is always at the center of contentious debate.

Medical Marijuana has many Medical and Medicinal uses

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