Marijuana as an Anti-Psychotic Treatment

Marijuana as an Anti-Psychotic Treatment

I’m sure you have heard the sensationalist stories surrounding medical marijuana. How smoking it can lead to “psychosis” and how it can triggerSchizophrenia. But what would happen if I told you that cannabis can do the exact opposite as well and if used correctly could potentially be used as a treatment for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

CBD-1 and CBD-2 are two known anti-psychoticcompounds found in cannabis. THC is really the psychoactive compound within the cannabis cocktail. In fact cannabis has a very complex chemical structure and if legalized would be allowed to be explored to the max. Yet for now we focus on the facts.

CBD rich cannabis will not get you high but will create balance within your brain chemistry. The CBD acts almost as a regulator and all strains have certain low levels of CBD in it acting as a counter psychotic trigger to psychosis when smoking. Generally the THC levels are much higher and people still get “high” but they won’t ever drift off into mad psychosis.

The way to be able to use cannabis as an anti-psychotic would be to create essential hemp oilswith a high CBD count; somewhere in the 40% margin. The patient would need to take a gram in the morning and one at night and would vaporize throughout the day whenever he/she feels an episode happening.

The high CBD count theoretically would provide the control that pharmaceutical medication such as Xeroquel would without the side effects to the kidneys and so forth. One could potentially treat bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and much more with this natural alternative to current psychiatric treatments.

More research is required still but many people have experimented at home with the above mentioned methods with significant results. Many people have completely left their psychiatric medication with using a well-balanced routine, diet and high CBD cannabis.

As cannabis laws begin to relax more research will be conducted and as more clinical evidence pile on people will see how cannabis serves a multi purposed function within society. It is important to discuss these options with your doctor. It would be a good idea to study up on CBD treatment prior to engaging in a conversation. Print out some articles and genuinely try to have your physician on board.

There is plenty of information scattered all over, one must just look for it. We are truly entering into exciting times in medicine every day we are getting closer to cannabis repeal. We’ll continue to monitor the role of CBD as an anti-psychotic and keep you posted.

Posted by  Jason Draizin on 06/27/2013 in Medical Marijuana Research

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