Kristen’s Natural Treatment Plan for Aggressive Brain Cancer

Kristen’s Natural Treatment Plan for Aggressive Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most aggressive and fatal brain cancers in existence. Most patients diewithin two years of diagnosis. However, an increasing number of patients are turning to cannabis oil as a potential treatment for many brain cancers, given the promising anecdotal and scientific evidence.

Kristen Okimura’s experience is a testament to how important and effective cannabis extracts really can be in the fight against GBM.

Fighting Against Glioblastoma Multiforme Naturally

Example: Coronal MRI with contrast of a glioblastoma.

Kristen had a seizure on April 7, 2014, which led to a hospital stay. Within days she was diagnosed with GBM, and had surgery to remove the tumor. Without understanding the impact of this decision, she also had a chemotherapy wafer inserted, which releases relatively small amounts of chemotherapeutic agents and dissolves in 2 to 3 weeks. This chemo wafer exempted her from participating in many clinical trials.

Since surgery cannot remove all cancerous cells, which often quickly grow into a new tumor, doctors recommended chemotherapy and radiation to prevent recurrence. Without these additional treatments, Kristen was given four and a half months to live. Due to her mom’s experience with breast cancer, in which years of radiation and chemotherapy failed to permanently eradicate the disease, Kristen decided to take a natural approach.

Kristen Okimura and Husband

A doctor relative of Kristen’s introduced her to the potential of cannabis oil to directly fight her cancer. With the support of her husband, Kristen took immediate action and was using cannabis oil within three weeks of diagnosis. Her professional background in environmental testing instilled in her a deep respect for the importance of data and consistent tracking of results.

She put together a schedule and monitored her daily responses to cannabis oil doses over several months. By doing this, Kristen was able to create a dosing regimen and routine. This enabled her to predict the effects of her medicine and become accustomed to the “cycle” of feelings it created, such as increased energy, hunger, and anxiety. Monitoring her Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) intake was crucial to the success of her treatment.

Kristen’s Cannabis Oil Treatment Plan

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

Kristen used two different kinds of full extract cannabis oil when fighting her cancer. The first was an extract with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. She also had a high-THC oil, which was especially hard to tolerate. Therefore, Kristen developed a schedule where she consumed the 1:1 oil at 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 6:00pm, and then the high-THC oil at 10:00pm. These doses totaled to .9 grams per day.

As a mother of two children, Kristen sometimes deviated slightly from this schedule due to parenting responsibilities, but for the most part she has been able to strictly adhere to it.

Kristen meets with her neuro-oncologist at a University of California hospital every 8-10 weeks to discuss her MRI results. She has had stable MRIs since the tumor was removed, and her oncologist is continually amazed with Kristen’s continued success with the cannabis oil protocol.

Thankfully, Kristen’s doctor will be publishing the results because she was treated at a research hospital. She was grateful to find an oncologist that is fresh, curious, open to new ideas and supportive of treatments beyond what she can provide.

In addition to using cannabis oil, Kristen mastered her nutrition and exercised daily. She already had good habits before the diagnosis, so continuing to live well was not hard for her. Kristen believes that the combination of nutrition and cannabis oil is likely why the cancer has not returned.


Justin Kander

Justin Kander

Justin Kander is a cannabis extract activist who has attended and presented at numerous medical conferences throughout the world. His recent book Enhancing Your Endocannabinoid Systemdetails the best ways to improve the effectiveness of cannabis medicine.


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