How to Treat Cancer with Cannabis

How to Treat Cancer with Cannabis

A massive victory was achieved when the National Institute on Cancer Research acknowledged that cannabis cures “certain types” of cancers. This helps pave the way to a new world of cannabis acceptance where further studies may be conducted to maximize the benefits of the medicinal plant.

Although these future studies are still pending there are a few things that empirical data has revealed to those suffering from cancer. Below we go into a bit more details regarding the methodology behind “curing cancer with Cannabis”.

NOTE: Smoking or Vaporizing WILL NOT cure cancer but will help with pain relief, appetite stimulation and if you’re so unlucky to be under chemotherapy at the moment then it will help with dreaded chemo side effects. Just know that people have cured cancer without using chemotherapy and relying 100% on cannabis and healthy diet/habits. It takes more than “just cannabis” to cure cancer.

  1. Start Growing Cannabis Now! – Whether you are an expert grower or not is irrelevant. You should be eating Raw cannabis leaves on a daily basis as part of your diet. Each morning you should be taking roughly 3-5 leaves and blending it with a super charged anti-oxidant fruit smoothie.  You can start off with a fresh organic raw cannabis leaf orange juice or a Raspberry Blackberry Cannabis smoothie. The fruits are known cancer fighters along with the raw cannabis leaf that is almost essential to your health.
  2. Essential Hemp Oils – The way to fight cancer along with eating the raw leaves is using essential hemp oils. A general estimation suggests roughly 6 ounces needed to cure cancer but this may vary based on the type and stage of the cancer. Usually the dose starts off at one drop (1gram) in the morning ingested orally and one at night. The essential oils need to be made from 100% Indica phenotype with high THC content. If the cancer is more severe slowly increase the dose every week to week and a half until one can observe an effect on the tumor.
  3. Vaporize – It’s recommended to have a Sativa dominant phenotype on hand for vaporization with a slight hint of Indica for appetite stimulation. The reason why you want a sativa to vaporize is to maintain energy levels since the essential oils are predominantly indica. Vaporize when needed for nausea, energy, depression, pain and so forth.

These are methods to combat cancer with cannabis, however cancer also derives from the psychological constructs of our lives. It’s important to examine all aspects of one’s life as cancer in many cases is simply the expression of something else that isn’t “right” in your life. It might be someone you haven’t been able to forgive, or an action you are ashamed of. The point is that fighting cancer must be done on all fronts.

Posted by Jason Draizin on 06/25/2013 in Medical Marijuana Research

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