Green Relief’s work is grown in organic soil

OC Green Relief’s work is grown in organic soil


Why is that important? It taste better. It smells better.

It has more trace minerals than hydroponic mixes. Without that chemical after taste that hydroponics often has.

OC Green Relief’s Med’s are all grown with organic soil and nutrients that are more healthful to the consumer. No harful pesticides are used in any flowering plants, ever!

Also, although this is subjective, we believe that the taste of organic soil grown cannabis taste much better than hydroponically grown medicine.

True it does not grow as fast or as big in soil usually, but the quality is in how the medicine taste, smells looks and works is what counts. At least it does to us here at OC Green Relief.

Try us for your medical needs and you too can find out the difference organic soil and nutrients makes in your medecine.

This is an open discussion here. We welcome your comments, so please respond with your comments and opinions. The only way we can learn is by people who know more, so share with us knowledge, so that we can share with you what we have learned.

Thank you,

OC Green Relief



Our website provides our patients with information on our various strains and educates each individual with current medical marijuana facts and laws.

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