Green Relief Testimonial Pain Management

Green Relief Testimonial

My name is John Paganas. I have been a patient of a Green Relief over the past 2 years for pain management purposes. I have suffered with extreme pain resulting from five herniated disks between the C4-6, L3-L5S1 vertebrae for over the last 18 years. The two cervical disk protrusions was a result from an old high school wrestling injury in 1997 and I suffered the two “slipped” disks in my lumbar from being rear ended in a car accident in 1999.

Since both accidents my pain has progressively gotten worse due to disk degeneration, severe osteophytic neural foraminal stenosis narrowing, arthritis, annular tear and severe impingement of significant nerve roots radiating down my arms & legs. Over the years, I have also developed a condition called Occipital Neuralgia that has created an almost constant headache that radiates pain into my left eye.

I have been through various treatments including epidermal steroid injections, trigger point injections, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory, pain and nerve deadening medications, chiropractic, massage and psychical therapy sessions. Nothing has given me a sense of ongoing relief then I receive when I am taking Green Relief’s homeopathic medication.

I typically suffer more in the evenings from a long day either being on my feet, sitting in my car or office for long periods of time. When medicating with Green Relief’s pain relieving medication, my back and neck are finally able to relax enough to rid my body from most of the pain. The medication actually allows me to sleep through the entire night without awakening from pain as I used to.

When suffering from the ongoing headaches, the medicinal/natural properties of Green Relief’s medication instantly offers some sense of relief to carry on throughout the day and into the evening.
I guess the end result from being a patient of Green Relief is “normalcy”. It truly allows me to live a life without severe bouts of pain!


John Paganas

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