Green Relief asked to speak to seniors with Parkinson’s

Recently we we were asked to speak to seniors at the Jewish Community Center in Irvine. What were there to do is basically answer questions on how medical marijuana might improve ease of their symptoms. Some of the seniors were already patients and did a lot of the talking for me, based on their experiences with medical marijuana. Those that had found the right strains had immediate relief from their symptoms. One patient had a contraction of their muscles, that is common with Parkinson’s. With that patient at the privacy or their own home we sat down and tried a few different strains, until finding the one that worked which gave instant relief. I could see the muscle contraction disappear in front of my eyes and their astonished eyes. She told me, and the audience that the MMJ worked better than the prescribed medications from her primary care doctor and allowed her to get a nights rest.

Some of the evenings questions were about which strains were best for pain and focus, as concerns were that the prescribed medications were so powerful that they could not function in their daily activities. So we recommended that they try medications with a higher CBD first before trying the heaver indicia’s that are more THC dominant. Really one has to try to find the right fit and their disease will not be gone, but to quote one senior “If my symptoms subside I don’t care about my disease”. Really with MMJ it is significant that if we can offer help in relieving a patients suffering for a few hours, thats what OC green relief is all about.

Then their was the concerns about the police arresting them and being punished by the system in an effort to get relief from their symptoms. We told them the procedures in which one needs to get their paper work and to bring it to a MMJ doctor. The one we recommend is Dr. Blake of MM of OC & SD, and they can be reached at 949-388-3525. Very discrete and you never have your records on any governmental data base. They are there to try to help a patient get off of multiple prescribed medications and help patients with alternative treatments that in most cases work better and have less side effects than the FDA approved prescriptions.

So trial and error is what a patient who is tired of “being out of it” and not able to function, on the prescribed medications, who need relief from their symptoms, and are willing to try something else. That is where we try to help here at OC Green Relief.

Our website provides our patients with information on our various strains and educates each individual with current medical marijuana facts and laws.

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  1. Allison Conway

    Not only did Green Relief OC have the knowledge to answer all of my questions, (which I had a ton) but they were compassionate. They could relate to the fear and concerns that I had when looking into medical marijuana as an option to manage pain.

    I have been through many medical procedures and was not happy with the multitude of narcotics that were offered to me. With the support of Green Relief OC, they assessed my medical needs, and catered specific strains to my personal symptoms.

    I did not even have to leave my home. I was a little nervous about transporting the medicine in my car, but Green Relief came to me and was very accommodating to my schedule. Their staff is unbelievably caring and friendly. I felt like someone was actually looking out for my needs. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

  2. OCGreenRelief

    Thank you Allison for your kind words and asking us to speak to your seniors. I truly do hope we can help them have less symptoms and perform better in their day to day battles with Parkinson’s disease.

  3. Deborah

    My 81 year old mom lives in an assisted living facility here in Mission Viejo. I have been reading about MM for symptom relief. How can I get her evaluated to be able to see if she is a candidate for MM?

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