Calif.: Ask Gov. Brown to prevent discrimination against patients

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Calif.: Ask Gov. Brown to prevent discrimination against patients

Ask Gov. Brown to sign AB 258 to help ensure medical marijuana patients can’t be denied organ transplants!

Dear Ron:

AB 258 passed both the California Assembly and the Senate by overwhelming margins, sending the bill to Gov. Brown for his signature. This compassionate bill would prohibit hospitals from denying medical marijuana patients organ transplants simply because of their choice of medicine. Hospitals, clinics, and members of the medical community who do not support medical marijuana should not be able to kick people who are already down by denying them lifesaving treatment.

Please take a moment to ask Gov. Brown to sign AB 258 when it reaches his desk.

The California Assembly passed AB 258 with a 62-12 vote, and earlier this week the Senate passed the bill with only one vote in opposition. Clearly, both Californians and their legislators believe in protecting patients from discrimination based on their choice of medical treatment. The bill now needs only Gov. Brown’s signature to become law.

Please ask Gov. Brown to support patients who need lifesaving treatment by signing AB 258. Then, please forward this message to supporters, family members, and friends so they can make their voices heard, too!


Claire Marsden
Legislative Assistant
Marijuana Policy Project


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