Half of Colorado Doctors Don’t Support Medical Marijuana

Almost Half of Colorado Doctors Don’t Support Medical Marijuana

March 14, 2013 By JoeKlare
A new study out of Colorado says that nearly half of doctors in the state do not recommend medical marijuana to their patients.
Researchers Elin Kondrad, a family physician, and Alfred Reid sent an online survey to 1,727 members of the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians in 2011 and they got back 520 responses. Some 46% of respondents said they do not approve of medical cannabis recommendations. Only 19% say they approved, with the rest being undecided.
“I don’t think physicians have a bias against marijuana,” said Robert Brockmann, president of the academy. “I think there is a bias against lack of information.”
Most of the 46% said more information was needed, as did the undecided group. This goes back to the question of why the federal government doesn’t allow more research into the cannabis plant.
“What the study shows is most physicians know the risk and benefits are not clear,” Brockmann said. He has never recommended medical marijuana to a patient.
What an incredible shame. An plant with amazing healing abilities is not recommended most of the time in Colorado, one of the most progressive places in the world when it comes to marijuana.
Yet I’m sure many of those same doctors prescribe pills with known dangerous side effects; pills that have actually killed people. These pills bring great harm to many, yet prescriptions are handed out daily. But they demand more research! How about the fact that marijuana has never led to an overdose…ever? How many different pills can you not say that about?
“What surprised me the most is family physicians recommend medical marijuana for different reasons,” Kondrad, one of the researchers, said. Really? The multiple medical uses of the cannabis plant came as a surprise? Where has this man been, on an extended mission in space?
The sad fact is that the lack of “clinical” research in this country on marijuana means doctors who do not have first-hand experience with MMJ are woefully ignorant about it. More than 60% of respondents said marijuana comes with significant physical and mental health risks. Yes, the same doctors giving prescriptions for percocet and valium look down upon marijuana as a lesser medicine because of the propaganda they heard as a kid.
Or maybe the Big Pharma representatives that give many of these doctors kickbacks don’t like the idea of medical marijuana. Maybe they can’t handle the competition presented by this incredible, naturally-growing plant.
In any case, more research is needed, if for no other reason than for cannabis to be taught in medical school. For patients to get medical marijuana in any state, they need some kind of medical recommendation or prescription. So more doctors need to be shown the truth about the safer alternative, cannabis.
– Joe Klare

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