Insomnia Testimonial FECO Oil, Indica Wins!

Recently I got a call from a new patient. He had lots of questions. His number one complaint was insomnia. He was asking about indica’s that would get him to sleep. I told him about our OG Master Kush and other types of indica’s that other patients had told us that helped them get to sleep. The problem was staying asleep. So I told him about our FECO Fully Extracted Cannabis Oils primarily Indica. He told me he used to grow in Colorado and had been a big consumer of cannabis products and was skeptical… Skeptical is good. Means to me that people are open to learn…. So he tried a small amount of our Indica oil and here’s what he wrote me;
Probably the best nights sleep ive had in 3 years. Was amazing I woke up and my back and joints felt almost like new. The pain relief from it was top notch. I slept for like 9 almost 10 hours straight through. It was awesome. I did a little test sublingually and it was great so I did about a drop from a dropper is what it would equate to. A Lil bit more than you suggested . But I did about half the drop sublingually and the other half I put on a cracker and ate it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it.
I asked if we could blog his response, here’s what he said;
Yeah I have no problem with that go ahead. All I ask is to stay anonymous obviously. Yeah honestly I usually am a critic when it comes to peoples bud products but with this one idk there’s nothing bad I can say about it. Its one of the very few products I’d vouch for. I’m actually going to bed earlier tonight lol its been awhile since iv been excited to go to bed. Also on that blog response people should know they will be drowsy off it so only take when your ready to go to bed. You weren’t kidding about that part haha.

Anonymous and happy!


Thank you for your remarks and I welcome everyone’s remarks about our service, intention or products.


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