CALCBC: Correa Medical MJ Regulation Bill SB 1262 Amended, Set for Vote


Sacramento – The CA State Senate is expected to vote this week on Sen. Correa’s medical marijuana bill SB 1262. Current text of the measure can be found at
The bill has been amended so as to give broad authority to local governments. In specific, under SB 1262:
Licensing would be issued through the Dept. of Consumer Affairs instead of the Dept of Public Health.
Anyone selling, providing, growing or processing marijuana could do so only at a state licensed site, except as allowed for patients and caregivers under Prop 215 and SB 420 (arguably, this might include some patient cultivation collectives).
All licensees would be required to provide a certified copy of the local government’s approval to operate within its borders. Local jurisdictions would be free to prohibit any and all facilities they pleased.
License fees would be set by the department to cover, but not exceed, actual costs of administration.
All applicants would be subject to fingerprint background checks by the CA Dept of Justice and FBI. Applicants could be denied a license based on past criminal convictions if the crime was “substantially related” to the activities they are seeking a license for.
Licensed facilities would have to comply with specified security measures: finished products to be stored in a secure locked vault; access restricted to patients, caregivers and facility personnel.
Licensed cultivation facilities must weigh, inventory, and video record all marijuana to be transported from the site.
Discrepancies in inventory must be reported to law enforcement within 24 hours
Local jurisdictions could authorize any additional restrictions they wished.
Violations punishable by a civil fine of up to $35,000 each. (In addition, other existing criminal penalties would remain in place for non-licensed offenders).
Physicians could not have any monetary connection with a state licensed facility.
The California Medical Board would consult with the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research on developing guidelines for administration of medical marijuana.
Advertisements by physicians would have to include a specified one-paragraph written notice to consumers.

The bill does not specify any regulations regarding labeling, testing, product safety standards, etc.
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