Cannabis Observation of Leukemia Suffer

Cannabis Observation of Leukemia Suffer

Case study


Leslie received a 30 day order of Cannabis suppositories. She’s convinced it’s  helping her stay cancer and pain free from her leukemia symptoms. She has also sublingual cannabis oil and finds that they are to hard to remember to do. Has had success with the suppositories with this type of soft celled cancer.

She’s been on the supposotories for some time and I recommend a simpler, less costly maintenance program consisting of infused cannabis oils in tintchures.

Leslie was recommended from one of the group of doctors that we work with. She is under the directtion of those doctors that we at Green Relief work with and report to the milligrams and or percentages of the cannabis products that she ingests.

 First time I  saw her she couldn’t  hold food in. Often vomited yellow  foamy liquid.  Was bald from three or four chemotherapy treatments. Was jaundice in color with two blackish eyes. Had no energy  and was in pain. The pain was shooting down her leg and hip. She was taking medication  for pain, and decided  that the  chemotherapy  was killing her. After she stopped, by her decision, the treatment of chemo, she then regained her appetite and the ability to hold in food.   Her symptoms began to knock off one at a time and soon after her cancer markers started dropping. About four months after starting whit those doctors and using cannabis oils she tested “cancer free”!

She’s been Cancer free as per tests to this date, 6/1/2016  for over six months. Looks great. Hair is grown back. Weight is normal.  Color and energy  are good. She can now keep up with her two children. Yes two kids both under 12 now have a mom that can keep up with them and take them to where their little lives guide again.

This kind of news is the best reason we do what we do to help people.

Our website provides our patients with information on our various strains and educates each individual with current medical marijuana facts and laws.

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