Testimonial, Regarding Seizures

Dear Green Relief,


I wanted to take a moment to tell you how my wife is doing. As you know, she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer several years ago and as a result of metastasis to her brain, endured treatment for several brain tumors. After traditional brain surgery followed by radio surgery (gamma knife) a couple years later she was cancer free. As we were getting used to her cancer-free status a new problem began when she started to suffer frequent seizures. The seizures and medication used to stop them dramatically reduced her quality of life. The medications left her lethargic and unable to fully participate in family activities and enjoy our young children. A friend who had been watching our struggle recommended we consider cannabis as an adjunct or alternative to the seizure medications. After a frank discussion with her neurologist, we learned cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to reduce seizure activity in clinical trials, but the results were too limited still. Our doctor did not discourage us; we were told more evidence was needed before it could be prescribed in a traditional setting. With that we did some of our own research and decided to pursue obtaining a recommendation for cannabis as a medicine. That led us to you, thank God.

After getting past judgment and skepticism (that we both had) I convinced my wife to give CBD a try. Approximately three months after beginning our personal trial, I am happy to report my wife’s seizures have stopped. As I write this, her doctors have reduced her seizure medication by 75% to a manageable dose that she will be completely off soon. A recent MRI and EEG confirm there are no new tumors and no seizure activity. Admittedly, these results are anecdotal but, the timing of the seizures stopping is difficult to ignore. My wife and I see that our struggle went on for years only to end a few short months after beginning our trial of CBD. Conventional wisdom tells us this may have happened anyway, but the wife and mother our family lost to sleep and lethargy is now back and feeling like herself again. With regard to proof, how or why is irrelevant unless you are suffering. We choose to give credit where credit is due. In this case, we believe it is the CBD you painstakingly created to help people in need. For that we are grateful. We believe cannabidiol has lowered my wife’s seizure threshold and allowed her to significantly lower her traditional medication dose and get her life back. Thank you!

On a personal note, we appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail and the time you take to educate and enlighten us as we flood you with questions every time we meet.



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