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This patient came to us from Dr. Chylie Beaird. Dr. Beaird wanted me to give this patient a low dose of the CBD oils with low THC. So we mixed up a syrenge of AC/DC CBD into a bottle of  liquid ccoconut oil and had that tested at SC Labs in Santa Ana. With that we were able to chart how many miligrams that the child was taking in addition to the other medications. What seemed to work was three milligrams of CBD three times a day. No psycoactivity was noticed in the behavior, only an inprovment in the seizures going away.

This below are the words that Christie sent to me in an email;

For the Last 2 Months our son Noah has added Green Relief’s CBD Tincture cannabis Oil to his medication plan. He has had Epilepsy and mild spectrum autism.  The doctors had given Noah so many different medications in the past that did nothing except make him fall asleep, and the side effects could be worse further down the road,

For over 10 years he has had Grand Mal Seizures, especially when playing soccer. Our son has had to give up his favorite sport soccer, due to an inevitable seizure with every game and practice. With the help of Green Relief’s CBD Tincture cannabis Oil, Noah tested its worth and bravely took a chance by playing soccer. Noah was kind of apprehensive to try as in the past soccer would always trigger a seizure. We believe Green Relief’s CBD Tincture cannabis Oil did its job. Although he did have a seizure, it was unique in that it was a small one and had gone in under a minute leaving him alert and able to continue. This was remarkably different than any seizure he had ever endured. Thanks to Green Relief’s CBD Tincture cannabis Oil our sons life is once again full and enriched with the joy of playing soccer without fear.

Thanks Again,
Dave and Christy

I recommended to Dave and Christie that the next time that Noah goes to play soccer that he ingests his 3 milligrams of CBD before playing soccer and to keep the bottle in the car, just in case he has another seizure.

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