Green Relief’s CBD Tinchure Oil

 CBD Tinchure Oil

For years we have been trying various kinds of drugs to help with our son’s epilepsy. Until we found this botanical herbal supplement recommended by De. Kyle Beaird nothing had worked. Dr. Beaird suggested that we try Green Relief’s CBD oils. So we did, and the results were very promising.

Many of the other medications seemed to not help in any way in reducing the seizures. With each seizure our son was unable to function and after the grand mal siezure he would have to sleep for hours. What seem to becoming a trigger for seizures were when he played soccer. The seizures were so often that he quit, with much sadness playing soccer in fear of another debilating seizure.

For the Last 2 Months our son has added Green Relief’s CBD Tinchure Oil to his medication plan. We started dosing our son with three miligrams of the CBD tinchure three times a day. He has had Epilepsy for over 10 years and has Grand Mal Seizures, especially when playing soccer. Our son had given up his favorite sport, due to an inevitable seizure at every game. With the help of Green Relief’s CBD Tinchure Oil, He tested its worth and bravely took a chance. We believe the Green Relief’s CBD Tinchure Oil did its job. Although he did have a seizure, it was unique in that it was small and gone in under a minute leaving him alert and able to continue. This is remarkably different than any seizure he had ever endured. Thanks to the Green Relief’s CBD Tinchure Oil our sons life is once again full and enriched with the joy of playing soccer without fear.

We spoke to the doctor about these results and he said that it was very promising and not to quit the other medications yet. Hopefully over time we can reduce the other medications and use the CBD tinchure in place of.

Ron from ocgreenrelief suggested that we try 3 miligrams of the CBD tinchure before the next time he played soccar and to keep the bottle in the car if needed.

Thanks Again,
Dave and Christy

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