MS new mom patient Heather

MS new mom patient Heather

I recieved a call this week fro m a new patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

See called me and asked what was the procedure as she had never used cannabis before, let alone purchased it. I told her that she need a medical recommendation from a licensed MD in the state od CA. and I recommended Dr. Bob Blake, whom I have worked with for years at So she did and forwarded me her recommendation.

So I called her back and asked her what her symptoms were. She told me she had’nt slept well in as long as she could remember. Felt tired, low energy. (Probably from the lack of sleep I suspect).
She told me she had a 6 month baby. Told me she had MS, along with spasticity, tiredness, pain, depression.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.

I asked her how she found me and she said both Bob Blake and a neurologist, whom I have never heard of recommended us. We don’t advertise. I always like to hear that we were recommended.

I told her that I did’nt get a lot of MS patients and I had to think about her symptoms for a bit. Who we do seem to help alot are cancer patients, insomnia patients, pain management patients, people who are getting off opiates, autistic kids, epileptic patients both young and older.

She added, like so many do, that she did not want to experience any “high”. I understand that that means many things to many people, but I think it really a fear of losing control of themselves because of a drug.

So considering those symptoms I explained to her that we had two products that I believed would help. One the 2XJCBD and the 2XAC-DC CBD tinctures.I explained that the JCBD CBD came in naturally at 2:1 ratio of CBD over THC and it’s derivative was indicia, which is relaxing and should help her anxiety and sleep issues. I recommended the AC-DC because of it’s neuro protective compo:1 CBD over THC. AC-DC is also in low doses good for focus and energy, let alone the immune builder that it is reported to be.

She choose the JCBD because sleep was a major issue. I explained how much to take to start dosing. Loved smiling at her baby a little longer than I left.

This morning I awoke to a lovely text, and here is what she wrote to me.

“Slept well and through the night for the first time in Probablyat least a decade! Woke up with energy– I don’t remember ever feeling rested in the morning. Calm and alert. I didn’t know it could happen concurrently. I’ve been up and productive since 6am. Thank you. I had 5 o5 6 drops under my tongue.”

I woke up to that text this morning. These kind of things are what I love most about this job!

Ron Brazil CEO
Green Relief inc.

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